Research Capabilities
Research Capabilities
  • Glass reactors from 5ml to 5L and 20L in the Kilo Lab
  • Double envelop reactors from 500ml to 10L
  • Temperature available from -78C to 200C
  • 15 state of the art ventilated Hoods
  • Magnetic and mechanical stirring devices
  • Electronic thermometers and pH meters
  • Multireactor technology for process scouting (Radleys)
  • 1L hydrogenation equipment up to 50 bar
  • Buchi Rotary evaporators up to 20L
  • Combi-flash automated chromatographic system
  • 60L hydrogenation equipment GL up to 50 bar
  • Mettler Toledo DSC
  • 300 MHZ Bruker NMR
  • HPLCs
  • GCs