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About US
Founded in 1986 Norchim was originally an API manufacturer and a contract organization to provide intermediates to the pharmaceutical industry.

As the business evolved Norchim focused on the process research area and most particularly on projects with an uncertain development future where it is always difficult to find reliable dependable and knowledgeable partners willing to take on such challenges.

Norchim also focused on the quality assurance to be able to provide all the services in a cGMP environment. In that respect Norchim was inspected by the FDA few times with success and recently in June 2015.

Besides that inspection Norchim was also granted few GMP certificates by the French Authorities and obtained an accreditation for the Japanese market.

Thus Norchim is able to supply quantities of actives or intermediates from grams to Tons in a very strict cGMP environment ensuring the safety and quality of our products for human use.